30 June 2008

Milblogs Come And Go, But At Least Herpes is 4ever!

Drag. Turns out Suspect has decided to shut down my favoritest milblog, Iraq: The Purgatorium. He was my fave primarily since he was a pissed off dude and didn't like to sugarcoat the bullshit (the no hooah zone, if you will). Also, it appears LT G has been gagged by his chain of command for unknown reasons. Here is the requisite Alice in Chains tribute to those milblogs that are no more:

In the meantime, Some other milblogs to get your fix of life in the combat zone include:

Big Tobacco (on his way to the Sandbox)
Matel in Iraq (reconstruction in Anbar)
Navy Gal (IA in Iraq)
The Satirist At War (Afghanistan, not a POG)
Miserable Donuts (Officer perspective, right now in Basrah)

Some good aggregators of the milblogs to keep up with is Mudville Gazette, Thunder Run, and This Fucking War.

For politics, bouts of hate, and nonsense, please stay tuned to this blog! Otherwise, Hot Asian Babes can be found here.