24 June 2008

Who Would've Thought That Sex Sells?

Newshounds talks about BillO being in a tizzy over a controversial campaign ad for the Dems. A luscious young vixen comes over to some lucky poindexter's residence for some post-partying nookie, but finds out that he's a limp-dicked Republican! No money, no honey as they say in the Singaporean prostitution biz. This is an effective ad, because pretty much everything...ever... done by a straight guy has been for the purposes of getting some action from the ladies: the Spanish-American war, founding of the new world by Columbus, and the very creation of the internet. Voting patterns should follow a similar trend.

As you can imagine, BillO flips out, but it's a bit of a double standard as Fox News employs two total babes to critique the ad (Mary Katharine Ham and Heather Nauert). If Fox News was wise in getting McCain elected, they would employ a "sexy" male to market to the ladies...and that man is an unapologetic McCain supporter and sex symbol, Wilford Brimley:

Of course you could see through this siren-like ruse to get your vote, and pick Barr, the only damn candidate who doesn't want to steal all your money for suckass social programs or send all military-aged citizens to invade the Klendathu star system.