31 July 2008

50 of DC's Most Butt Ugly People

The old adage that Washington DC is "Hollywood for ugly people" certainly holds true after viewing the The Hill's 50 Most Beautiful People. Frumpy, no-makeup chicks in pants suits, dudes looking like they just walked out of the frat house, and old stodgy types that look like they had their soul crushed from years of working in our nation's capitol. Damnit, East Coast, get with the program. Don't you know that West Coast females with tattoos, piercings, and fishnets are way better lookin'? Here are two examples of the best DC has got:Botox-injected female Republicans. Can you feel the romance brewing?
Apparently, bowl cuts are moving from a trailer park phenomenon to the upper echelon of DC fashion.

Also, TSO had his feelings hurt because he didn't make the cut this year for DCs most beautiful. If politics is Hollywood for fugly people, then bloggers are like sewer mutants. But I think TSO, would have put all these wonks to shame.

What do you think?