30 July 2008

Ahnold Saves LA From Mother Nature

Arnold in his Governor Chair in Sacramento: "Get Down Everybody!"

There was a 5.4 earthquake with an epicenter just east of LA in Chino Hills today, and luckily there have only been reports of minor injuries and damage. The Governator held a press conference where he discussed mother nature's wrath and measures the state government had taken to prevent calamity:

We are trained and we practice those things that there is immediate action, the more you debate those things is the more you waste time.

Ahnold proceeded to discuss how he was on the horn with the LA Mayor and Sheriff. That's all well and good, but after successfully defeating the Predator, Dynamo, and the corrupt Martian authorities, you'd think he have a bit more in his arsenal than just making phone calls.

Los Angeles has always been a city waiting to broil over in riotous violence or perhaps just sink into the sea. Which sucks, because it's a really cool city known for its smorgasboard of culture and hot babes. I lived there for 4 years, and it's hard to put into words, but that place is like living in the barrel of a loaded gun, and you don't know what the hell is going to set it off next. Luckily, this quake was just a little tremor.