30 July 2008

It's the Geezers, Stupid

The Gray Panther Mafia And Their Endless Power of Geezerdom

Confucius often talked about respecting your elders, and he once said "Without feelings of respect, what is there to distinguish men from beasts?". Yeah, well...Confucius didn't have to put up with swarming hordes of Rascals at the mall, and ancient drivers, who can barely see over the damn steering wheel, driving 45 in the left lane when you're trying to get to work. These very same people are going to be voting in record numbers according to Politico, and expect more and more of your taxdollars to fund busloads of blue-hairs to clog up nuckel slots at casinos across the country with their social secuirty checks stapled to their head. Despite the fact that the country is at war(x2) on the other side of the world, social security spending still manages to beat out ALL DoD spending, and the presidential candidates are terrified to criticize this sacred cow. Obama wants to raise payroll taxes, and McCain favors personal accounts, but either way, seeing that money during retirement is unlikely after the ravishing mob of baby boomers waste it all on Botox and organic foods.

For all the talk about the Youth Vote this election cycle, it's all a bunch of smoke and mirrors as the AARP has every politician in every political party in their backpocket. Same old bullshit!