22 July 2008

America's Representatives in Iraq, Will It Make Americans Not Stupid?

Listen Up You Civilian Pukes

Iraq has seen a resurgence in media coverage as Sen. Obama has dropped into Baghdad for situational awareness. I actually think dog and pony shows like this are a beneficial matter for diplomacy, since it highlights America's commitment to our allies, shows the Iraqis that our leadership hasn't forgotten about them, and helps establish long-term relationships (our beloved founding fathers were big on this). But Obama totally bricks on a Nightline interview, according to AllahPundit, and it shows that his visit was just some lame campaign stop:

Q: If you had to do it over again, knowing what you know now, would you support the surge?

A: No, because, keep in mind that…

Q: You wouldn’t?

A: Keep in mind… These kinds of hypotheticals are very difficult. Hindsight is 20/20. But I think that, what I’m absolutely convinced of, is that at that time we had to change the political debate because the view of the Bush administration at that time was one that I just disagreed with.

Can this election get any more stupid? HuffPo had a total stroke-piece about Obama saying he embodies everything great about America and the rest of the world would be jizzing in their pants at the thought of Obama coming to their humble nations. But if Obama is the cumulative sum of the American people, I'd have to be a little concerned.

I don't wanna be a dick and get mad at the American public who paid for the clothes on my back, the computer I'm typing on, and my inevitable alcohol-related liver failure that will have to be paid for with your tax dollars after living the Navy life...but yeah...I'm gonna be an asshole (and believe me I'm not speaking from the ivory tower of intellectual thought here). The American people have been wrong on damn near everything with Iraq.
  • An overwhelming majority of Americans supported the initial invasion to find WMDs that weren't there
  • An overwhelming majority of Americans thought The Surge was having "No Impact" last year
  • Populist blogger Kos sez that "The American people want out. They don't care that some general wants to keep our troops in." But this statement is incredibly vague, and the "general" he is refferring to is actually a 4-star Admiral
  • The ignorance from the public on Iraq in even the most cursory facts (such as casualty figures) is both embarrassing and terrifying in a time of war.
Expect the bickering to go on forever and ever between the McCainiacs and the True Believers (Obama's people) about nuances with the inevitable Iraq withdrawal, but I just hope the pundits and the candidates listen to someone who knows what the fuck they are talking about (Petraeus, Crocker, uh the Iraqi leadership, etc.) Unforuntately, Obama looks like he's mad that Amb. Crocker (who has an extensive resume in the Middle East) isn't photogenic enough for that money shot on the campaign trail. Too bad Obama wasn't paying attention when Crocker was telling him what the fuck was going on in Iraq.