14 July 2008

Anheuser-Busch Sells Out

Hope You Own a Beret, Spuds

Well, the Budweiser brewer has been bought out by the Europeans for the low price of $50 Billion bones (story at Breitbart). InBev is the acquiring company and they boast such tasty worldwide brews as Labatt's, Stell Artois, and Bass. I've got nothing against our new European overlords, but there is a bit of a cultural divide between Europe and her boorish American cousins. For instance, the "Real Men Of Genius" series may change to Kraftwerk enouraging beer drinkers to drive responsibly on Der Autobahn. Also, beer prices may rise slightly, which would lead to an imminent collapse of society. Budweiser has done so much for our country, Because U Deserve What Every Individual Should Enjoy Regularly. Farewell!