15 July 2008

Disgusting Mormon Calender Gets Holy Roller Excommunicated

I can't say I know too much about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, except that

  • 1) They're the biggest religion to have begun in America,
  • 2) I've met a lot of Mormons in my travels (particularly in the service) and they seem like swell people,
  • 3) They founded Las Vegas more or less,
  • 4) They own Pepsi and Taco Bell (later revealed by a colleague to be not true)
So I never understood the ruckus that many have made about the "horrors" of being a Mormon. Maybe it's because I'm not religious in the first place, and don't think one is particularly better than other...but hey that's just me.

Anyhoo, the LDS receives the highest praise from this agnostic in their latest announcement to excommunicate the purveyor of this sleazy calender featuring shirtless Mormon missionaries.


First off, there is nothing attractive about the male figure, and, second, all attempts must be made by like-minded bloggers to eradicate this type of filth from the internet.

The protocol of proper, stimulating photography must be maintained on the internet, since this was the intended use of the technology. An example of the correct use of the internet is the Girls and Corpses site, which combines the best of both worlds (namely hot babes and zombies) into one erotic package. Score one for the good guys!

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