02 July 2008

Go Canada, eh!

July 1st is Canada day, and to commemorate our friendly neighbors, feast your eyes on 10 awesome things about the Great White North.

You Can't Do That on Television: The best kids show of all time

Low Drinking Ages (19 in most provinces): Ensures a wider cross-section of women at the clubs that are permitted to get plastered
D.O.A.: Great Punk Rock from up north

Youppi:The lovable French Canadian rascal

Trailer Park Boys: A very underrated and hilarious TV show

Montreal Gentleman's Clubs: It doesn't get any better

Rush: Try listening to Tom Sawyer after drinking a big bottle of cough syrup...it's a trip!

Molson XXX: The super-high alcohol content makes up for the nasty taste

Troops in Afghanistan: Canada has supported the ISAF since the beginning

Alberta Tar Sands: Oil reserves in a country that isn't run by some dictator or a bunch of American-hating nuts