02 July 2008

The Secret Life of the American Teenager: Christian Teeny Boppers Run Amok

Guess which Teen Got Knocked Up

The new ABC family show The Secret Life of the American Teenager is from the creator of 7th Heaven, so wholesome Christian values resembling a modern day Leave it to Beaver were to be expected. Unfortunately, it was an outrage of epic proportions when we were treated to a girl who got knocked-up at band camp, the young hunky football star who lusted after a new Jezebel when his virtuous girlfriend wouldn't "put out", and even the grandiose wisdom of Molly Ringwald was unable to salvage the moral character of this show.

An examination of the official blog affiliated with this televised cesspool shows comments from young lasses, which highlights a decaying society:
  • ive already had my 1st kiss (12) and have had sex (15) but its called using a condom i mean please. ppl (LT Nixon Comment: can someone please explain what "ppl" means?)
  • I had a baby at 16. I know what it's like to go through something like this. There is one thing though that always got me mad. People showing shame in the baby, when it isn't even his fault. What me and the father(who is NO longer in our lives) did was a mistake NOT the baby.
  • I kinda like the show. I agree that not all teens have sex on there mind, but i am not any better b/c i am pregnet and 16 :-/ Its very hard to tell your parents & the hardest part was telling my boy friend.
Ye gods, is there no hope for America? Please take heed to not hang around the blog for lengthy periods or leave racy comments if you are male, because you will likely be tagged by the FBI as a possible Class III Sex Offender.

For a more appropriate way to conduct yourself as a teeny bopper, please view this clip from the classic Troma film, Toxic Avenger: