07 July 2008

Great Sunday Read on Alaskan Fishing

Sea Captain Approved!

Forget the NY Times Magazine's schnooze-inducing article on crappy folk rock, here's a Seattle Weekly article talking about the dangers of Alaskan Fishing (many of these trawlers are based in the Puget Sound area). It discusses the last moments of the Alaska Ranger, which went down around Easter near the Aleutians with five men lost at sea. The article also discusses allegations that the chief engineer was hammered at the helm, much like the accusations against the skipper of the dreaded Exxon Valdez. Alaskan fishing is well-paying, but considered the most dangerous occupation in America, and from the article you can see why:

Galbreath has no memory of being rescued. He managed to stay lucid until the Coast Guard lights showed up, he says. Then he passed out. Enough water had filled the suit that its feet had to be cut off to get him into the basket and hoisted to the helicopter. Apparently, Galbreath says with an embarrassed laugh, rescuers had a hard time getting him to let go of the basket once he was on board. The rescued crew members were taken to the Munro. Galbreath says rescuers later told him that when he got on board his body temperature was 88 degrees.

Good shit!

Coastie Rescue of the Alaska Ranger's Crew