07 July 2008

Leaky Barrels of Uranium Yellowcake Removed From Iraq

Informational Posters No Longer Needed in Baghdad

Outlaw 13 directs our attention to some good news out of Iraq: Saddam's old stockpile of yellowcake has been sold off to Canada (story at MSNBC). Yellowcake is concentrated Uranium Ore which can be further refined into fuel or enriched to make weapons-grade material. This was always a bit of a question markon what the fuck we were supposed to do with this stuff. I'm just glad it didn't show up at the Jamila market in Sadr City at a stall in between the bootleg Sadr DVDs and the guy selling toy RPGs.

"Wait aren't these WMDs?" you may be asking yourself. Well, sorta, but this yellowcake was acquired by Saddam from Nigeria prior to the 1991 U.N. Sanctions on Iraq. So, all these "No WMD, Bush Lied" types should really update their choice of words to "No WMD following implementation of U.N. Security Council Resolution 687 in Iraq...Bush Lied", but I suppose that is not as catchy.