07 July 2008

Project C.H.U.D. Busters

CHUDs...they're everywhere!

It is sometimes stated that the disgraceful icon of the Vietnam Vet getting spit on after he returned to America was "a myth". Until the fat cats in Silicon Valley invent a time machine, I couldn't say. But what about our modern-day veterans? Do they suffer slander and verbal abuse from the American public? The newest Gallup poll shows a healthy approval rating of our Armed Forces from the public. But...beneath the surface of mainstream culture lies the dark sewers of society in which mutated humans ridicule our troops for political and personal reasons...the C.H.U.D!

Consider this new project an in-depth analysis that is solely dedicated to the who, what, and where of Americans that choose to bash our troops. This project is a non-partisan effort, which is why C.H.U.D Busters is seeking maximum participation from all political leanings.

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Since this is a new blog, feedback (from the enthusiastic to the hate-filled) is requested (just leave a comment or two on the blog). Also, please provide some linky-lovin' at your place, if you can spare the time. Let me know what you think, and C.H.U.D. Busters is looking for fellow Authors, since the schlubb who created it has to go back to work on Tuesday (anyone seen my uniform around?).

Thanks everybody, hope you enjoy.