19 August 2008

All Hail the Commentariat

Comments are an important part of blogging, and by association a significant part of our online society...just ask Politico. I blog here and at C.H.U.D. Busters, and I certainly never thought of myself as being wise enough or totally convinced of my own opinion that I would ignore feedback and detracting views. Bloggers that snub their viewers seem to be either self-centered assholes or on ego trips which rival Bono. Coinciding with the fact that my traffic is on the same order of magnitude as the "British Conspiracy in Georgia" on the Larouchebag website, I consider myself a commenter first. Some interesting places to engage in the proverbial online townhall meeting are Obsidian Wings, VetVoice, Hot Air, and casual engagements with other milblogger types. Furthermore, I'm glad that some people chose to leave their own stories on this post on what historic event changed their political ideology. So give the comments a read, as they are pretty interesting (except for Eddie Willers, who is kind of annoying). Please leave advice/feedback on making this dumb blog better, because I doubt very many people take part in the blogging community to get rich quick or meet babes. It's about, you know, not being a dumbass anymore.