19 August 2008

About That Liberal Bias in the Media

Washington is traditionally a "blue" state, and has voted for a Dem in the general election since Dukakis. But still, you'd think the local weekly for Seattle's hipsters, The Stranger, would pick at least a few more non-Democrats in their election cheat sheet they just issued on their website. They only picked one non-Democrat, Sam Reed for Secretary of State, who seems to be a RINO in the pocket of the unions judging by his endorsements. The Stranger was also the weekly that had the Erotic Obama contest to allow readers to express their love for the Senator. Not to get all overly huffy about a fact that everyone knows anyways, but, c'mon man, only one non-Democrat? Like Code Pink's shenanigans providing red meat for those not on the same ideological plane as those opposed to the Iraq War in this country, The Stranger is only subjecting themselves to a host of criticism that's easy to whip up in the days of the uninformed commentator. At least they didn't endorse that Green Party jackass for governor who wants to turn all of the Boeing facilities into vegan dirt farms or whatever. That guy's an asshole.