03 August 2008

The Anti-Christ in Politics and Some Maiden

So, Daily Kos thinks that this McCain ad is a subliminal message that Obama is the anti-Christ. Sounds a bit crazy, as the ad was probably just appealing to snarky Gen Xers who think Obama's hubris knows no bounds...which it doesn't. The netroots have been over-analyzing these dumb ads since earlier in the week, when they thought the celebrity ad was a trigger for someone to assassinate Obama. Next up, any attack on Obama's drilling flip-flop will probably be dubbed racist by weenies in the lefty blogosphere (crude oil is black after all, and your attack of Obama on this issue represents a deep-seated hatred of all things black). Whatever.

But, in honor of McCain possibly calling Obama the anti-christ, here's Iron Maiden's Number of the Beast, which satisfies the axiom that any metal song about Satan is destined for greatness: