03 August 2008

Nerds Unite in Excelsior For Ron Paul's Rocket

Ron Paul Rocket Promises to Take Virginity to extra-terrestial New Feats

Wonkette directs our attention to the Ron Paul Rocket Campaign, which promises to use the Diet Coke and Mentos phenomenon to propel bizarre views about the Federal Reserve and the New World Order to creepy new heights. I have to give credit to the Paul supporters for coming up with a Plan B though:

Our goal is to use Diet Coke and Mentos, however until then, we will use timed burn hobby rocket engines. We will use very big ones, and lots of them!

At first this site seemed like a funny joke, like the Bush for Third Term blog, but it appears that the site's webmaster is the real deal. Also, he's from Ann Arbor (my sometimes hometown), which doesn't come as a surprise to anyone who has ever been to Ann Arbor.