10 August 2008

Brutality in Georgia and Our Response

Casualties From a Russian Airstrike in the Town of Gori (from AP)

Russia has entered Georgia's airspace to conduct airstrikes, and this AP photo proves that there were civilian casualties. Al-Jazeera English has some good background if you are a bit ignorant (like yours truly) on the details behind this explosive issue :

The clip includes the Georgian President asking for help from Western allies, and President Bush's response, which can also be read here.

Greyhawk discusses how it will affect Iraq, since Georgia has 2,000 troops as part of the coalition.

Politico highlights the differences between the McCain and Obama statements about the conflict, but I'm not seeing huge chasms in opinion here. Both campaigns reject the violence and they both seem to side with Georgia, since Russia is the aggressor into the sovereign state. Yet the two campaigns are at each others throats about the issue. Goddamn politicians. Instead of uniting behind a strong American message to end the bloodshed, these knuckleheads are vying for cheap political points.