10 August 2008

Motley Crue in WA, A View From The Lawn

This concert attained a 4 out of 5 Flying V rating in Awesomeness!

The Motley Crue concert last evening at White River Amphitheater in WA was an excellent sight to behold, despite the fact that all members of the Motley Crue should be seriously brain damaged by now due to their lifestyles. The Crue played all of their classic stuff that you can think of (Dr. Feelgood, Livewire, Girls Girls Girls, Shout at the Devil, Looks That Kill, Home Sweet Home, Don't Go Away Mad, Primal Scream, etc.), which had been a bit of concern before hand, since they are promoting a new album and could have forgone the old shit. The concert was packed with a kickass group of metalheads, which was a sight to behold in the Puget Sound area, since it gets a bad rap as yuppie central. My only complaint is that Vince Neil, despite having all the rocker moves he did when he was younger, seemed to have gotten a little tripped up on the opener "Kickstart My Heart". Mr. and Ms. Kiyum first noticed the sad phenomenon of Vince Neil forgetting the lyrics to his own songs back at the House of Blues in 2003, and last night was no exception. Despite an impressive opening pyrotechnics show, Vince and the band seemed off rhythm, and he botched a few of the lyrics. Here's a YouTube vid from DC a few weeks ago for Kickstart My Heart, and I'll let you decide. But other than that, the show kicked ass.

4 Shits N' Giggles: Here's some observations from the lawn

I was enthused that younger people were rocking out to the Crue, however, they seem to not understand the fundamental rule of concert-going: Don't Wear the T-shirt of the Band You See

Who let the hippies in? Security!

Another rule of concert going seems to hold true. The fatter and drunker someone is, the more likely that individual is prone to disgusting acts of PDA on the lawn or, alternately, in the parking lot.

A prized mullet shot of a balding gentleman in a denim Hard Rock jacket. Denim jackets are extremely difficult to come by in this day and age, and sporting one indicates an appreciation for classic metal. I salute you, sir!