21 August 2008

IVAW to Bare All in Hustler

Winter Soldier Article To Appear in November 2008

Slog has the scoop on a press release from Hustler that promises to give IVAW massive attention in their November issue:

In arguably the most shocking piece of the year, HUSTLER Magazine reports on the truth about what’s going on in Iraq. The “Winter Soldier” veterans, as they are called, speak out about the war and the thousands of innocent Iraqi civilian casualties. One of the brave soldiers brought back a video of his sergeant declaring, “The difference between an insurgent and an Iraqi civilian is whether they are dead or alive.” The soldier explains: “If you kill a civilian, he becomes an insurgent because you retroactively make him a threat.” Gruesome photos accompany the article.

As you recall, Winter Soldier II was the IVAW event in March detailing supposed atrocities in Iraq, that both TSO and Jonn provided some excellent live-blogging on. This blog has been quite skeptical of IVAW's intentions in the past, concerned that their public testimonials provide easy-to-consume fodder for those who seek to discredit the American military, but I reluctantly respect their right to free speech.

Assuming that IVAW is trying to get our attention and sympathy ("our" meaning porn-consuming, desperate males) between the Beaver Hunt section and photos of Jenna Jameson's ovaries, well, IVAW will probably have a high rate of success. Touche.