20 August 2008

Parasites, Vandals, and Thugs Win $2M From NYC Lawsuit

Portrait of the 21st-century Protester: Taking A Smelly Vegan Shit on the Flag

Expect a sharp increase in the purchasing of kooky BushCheney effigies, crappy hippy clothing, and moltov cocktails, because a group of anti-war protesters just cleaned house with the NYC justice system for a whopping $2M (story at Reuters). There seems to be some "question" over whether or not this urban-dwelling riff-raff had their civil rights violated by New York's finest during a 2003 protest at the Carlyle building in Manhattan. But looking through some news archives, it seems that the group in question, M27, were more of a public nuisance to the nation's largest metropolis than political activists. From CNN:

About 100 people were arrested Monday after protesters blocked the entrance to the Carlyle Group, a private investment house with holdings in the defense industry, police at the scene said.

And from Gawker:

A group called the M27Coalition is supposedly out protesting the war this morning by blocking busy intersections, and by extension, annoying the very large population of Manhattanites who, although anti-war themselves, have actual jobs and responsibilities. (I'm desperately fighting the impulse to switch to a pro-war position solely out of contempt for the idiot portion of the anti-war movement.)

The first ammendment rights are an important part of American society, but so is respect for private property and not stinking up the joint in Manhattan because some gaggle of protester clowns haven't showered in three weeks.

The days of the noble civil rights protests are over, as cooler heads who choose to dissent have taken to cyberspace. All that's left on the streets are aging hippies who still think it's 1967 in San Francisco, young punks using political cover to destroy police cars, and a random assortment of crazies.

Is this $2M going to come out of the pool of money that Rep. Weiner wanted the military to give New York because public servants were being called onto active duty? Glad to know that the NYC authorities know that the real "sacrifices" being made are by filthy, unemployed urchins who rival European soccer hooligans in wreaking havoc.