05 August 2008

Underwater Zombie Loose in PacNorWest

Brains No Longer Tasty (Zombie Pic From Johnathan!)

The scariest thing on the Pacific coast is no longer pirates, Green Peace, or killer whales...but freaking underwater zombies. What other explanation is there for 5 severed feet washing ashore in the last year. From Seattle Times:

Peregrin said the woman didn't initially take a close look at the shoe, but the next day, after recalling the cases in B.C., she went back to the beach and found the shoe still there. This time, she and a companion looked inside and saw the remains of a sock and some decomposing bone and tissue.

Detectives went to the scene Saturday and returned Sunday with cadaver-sniffing dogs, but they found no other evidence associated with the shoe.

Five severed feet in shoes have been found in the past year on B.C. beaches.

The underwater zombie was first discussed in Max Brooks' non-fiction guide World War Z, and that shit is scary.