05 August 2008

About That KFC in Fallujah

A farce?!?

Remember how the KFC in Fallujah story a couple of weeks ago was supposed to be an allegorical symbol of stability in Iraq, much like Baghdad liquor stores? Well, those no-good hippies at TPM actually checked in with the Colonel's corporate headquarters and it turns out to be a chop shop. Grr. They were probably just upset it's not a Panera Bread or some crappy-tasting organic food store. How will the Pentagon spokesdrone deal with this embarrassing release of misinformation by MNF-W?

TPM was just firing a zinger at Faux News, the standard enemy of the netroots, but they really miss the point here. Iraq is a developing country, so naturally they are going to bootleg things like DVDs and crank out the phony Rolexes into Baghdad bazaars. The store is clearly a symbol of Western culture being marketed in Anbar province, and it has yet to come under attack from extremist thugs, which speaks volumes to the improvement of security in the once violent city.

Perhaps we should wait until Iraq gets a Mikky-Ds, which only operates in countries that would never attack the U.S.