19 August 2008

What MP3s are the Candidates Illegaly Downloading on Limewire?

Finally, the dreaded media elite are upstaging boring presidential issues like the energy crisis and the War on Terrorism to talk about the important shit: musical tastes of the candidates. We've already heard about Obama rocking to Earth, Wind and Fire, and McCain's strange love affair with Eurotrash phenom, ABBA, but until today we hadn't heard anything from LP candidate Bob Barr. From the front page of the Style section of WaPo (h/t Eric Dondero):

Barr stands in a cubicle, near his deputy campaign manager, Shane Cory, talking about how much he loves Bob Marley, whom he discovered in 1978 after getting out of the CIA. Oh, and Pink Floyd.

Sweet. An inauguration speech which would be followed by the 23-minute version of psychedelic Floyd jam, Echoes, synched up with the Jupiter and Beyond the Infinite portion of 2001 could only be described with one word: awesome!

As Ed Morrisey notes, the big media conglomerates aren't really open to third parties, frequently depicting them as nutty Lyndon Larouche types running their campaigns out of a Dodge van. But frankly, I'm not seeing what's so crazy about trying to reduce the size of our already bloated government that has run up a $9.6 Trillion debt and is cranking out funny money that could put Parker Brothers out of business.

Besides, Barr's affinity for Marley and Pink Floyd shows that he has appreciation for the classics. The only presidential candidate who could top him for better musical taste would be if Vic Rattlehead ran for office.

Vic Corners the Market on Good Music for a Presidential Candidate