26 August 2008

Why the DNC Makes Me Hate America

...my head really hurts...

It's often been remarked by my cohorts and I that we should just get out of this damn country and open a go-go bar with babes on roller skates in Thailand or something. You know, just sort of give up on life. At no time has that feeling been more sharp than tonight's viewing of the MSNBC coverage on the Democratic convention. The weeping delegates, the chortling MSNBC commenters practically in a fit of lust over their messiah, the stupid fucking signs, the dorky white people dances to crummy songs you hear on your local "soft rock" radio station, and the grandiose setup in a secured building that is presumably supposed to be speaking to the "common man".

The festivities started off with Ted Kennedy looking all schmoozy and smug on his yacht followed by a wretched speech about how he was the savior of America by directing taxpayer dollars from one group of Americans to another under the guise of healthcare. Shoveling money from point A to point B with a monstrous buraeucracy in between somehow makes one a benefactor and a hero in this day and age, I suppose. I would've thought it was, you know, the people like doctors and nurses that actually patch you up when you get ill or injured, but in this fucked up world, it's the guy cramming the gun of the state down your throat demanding money from you that supposedly goes to "help people out". They never talk about the money that gets lost in corruption or the cash that goes to some asshole trial lawyer so he can put another diamond ring on his fat finger. But money is overrated and you can get by in America with just a little and still "take a lot of pride in what I am" as Merle Haggard once said, what really is disturbing is the fact that these politicians create a narrative that we truly need them. That we are hopelessly irresponsible and incapable of existing without the state involved in every little affair of our personal lives. We allow government to exist, and the shit the government should be doing like infrastructure development, killing the enemy (this decade it has been Islamic extremists), and policing our streets has become woefully inadequate.

Instead these politicians that places like the DNC breed say we don't need to build up oil infrastructure, because we can just ship money overseas and get it somewhere else. Who wants a big ugly oil refinery in view of their place of recreation because it might interrupt their golf swing. They call us bad enivronmental stewards because we want to build it in America, where it could have proper emission controls, but they want it somewhere else, where the environmental regulations are more stodgy. They said we're torturing people in Gitmo and fighting and unjust war in Iraq. Well, why did you send us into Iraq in the first place, you motherfuckers? We're doing the best we can, and all you can people can do is knife us in the back, holding our pay hostage, in order to score a few political points with malcontents. A least people fighting the wars believe in a cause, while politicians seem more interested in hypnotizing voters that if they don't vote for their special interest groups you are some kind of degenerate. The moral superiority was rife at the DNC. Look at Michelle Obama. I'm a Horatio Alger story, but you people are all disgraces who would be drooling all over yourselves if it wasn't for the compassion of people like me and my husband. C'mon. And what was that bullshit about the military family who has an empty seat because the spouse is in Iraq? Does that imply that every military member is a victim because they got swindled into Bush's propaganda scheme. At least they believe in a cause greater than themselves, instead of trying to vote themselves largess and free government giveaways at the election.

There have been so many sychopants ranting on and on about the hope and change of what the Obama ticket is going to bring, that they have cast all self-criticism aside in favor of blindly following their leader to utopia. But there is no Wizard of Oz at the end of this suckass quest. Just a forced servitude to the government so that we are perpetually in debt and perpetually afraid to cast doubt as the world crumbles around us. My ancestors crossed the Atlantic for this bullshit? A better plan would be to set concrete goals asking Americans to make specific sacrifices. Afghanistan is in trouble, let's increase the size of our military with more recruits. Our electrical infrastructure is horrendous, more people should study engineering in college. Culture is degraded, turn off the reality TV and go see a local play. The industrial base is collapsing, more people should start businesses and learn a trade. But that's never going to happen in this day of "what has the world done for me lately?", because Americans only want to vote to indulge themselves in self-gratification. And when politicians make people feel like they are completely helpless, and that voting will make all the difference, it's such an easy sell.

(Note: If you read all this stupid, incomprehensible bullshit, you probably share the sentiment of this guy.)