28 September 2008

Culture Clash 2008: Manhattanites for McCain

Look at Me Do Yoga at the Airport! I'm so much better than all of you (spotted by Ms. Kiyum)

I'm not a big fan of bashing political candidates with the "elitism" moniker. It's important that the people running the country are better educated and more well-spoken than some schmuck junior officer with a Z-list blog, and when Palin comes off like a dolt on foreign policy, concern needs to be raised. But, personal observation suggests that some on the modern left are just no-good, terrible people. Modesty has always been an American virtue, and this seems to be eroding in our self-obsessed culture of alleviating white/eco/imperialist/whatever-guilt where liberals go out of their way to justify how special and morally upright they are. Looking down on people for not "going vegan", running sabotage campaigns to win by any means necessary, endless comments of self-righteous smug left all over the blogosphere like rodent droppings in a sausage plant, assuming that everyone in the military was either duped by the government or has serious psychological issues. It's like a modern-day religion combined with the medieval dogma of roasting people at the stake for not going along with the program.

I try to be open-minded to the modern political dynamic, and I appreciate people with progressive views that aren't douchebags (Hi A-ro, Cathcatz, and Jason!) but this video of a McCain march in NYC really solidifies some age-old fears and stereotypes about liberals for some reason. From The People's Cube:

What a bunch of assholes. It makes me more likely to listen to these toothless rubes for insight into political affairs rather than the New Yorker.