28 September 2008

Poll: Best Head Explosion in Cinematic History

A serious question for serious times! Please vote by leaving a comment or writing in a movie for best head explosion (no Ron Paul write-ins):

1) Scanners: Always a classic

2) Toxic Avenger when youngster gets run over: The head crusher scene may give you second thoughts about letting your kdis ride their bikes unsupervised or unarmed

3) Dawn of the Dead during project riot in Philadelphia: Police Brutality at its goriest (this unfortunate dude wasn't even a zombie!)

4) Running Man when political prisoner, Chico, makes a break for the perimeter: Chhiiiicccooooo! (whether or not Gov. Ahnold has ever actually uttered this in the California city is unknown)

5) Akira when Tetsuo mutates: Just an all-around weird, creepy, and fascinating movie (just like much of Japanese culture)

Spare me your discourse about focusing on "important issues". Who needs a general election when you can vote for this!