16 September 2008

The Decline of Political Art

Banksy Comes to New Orleans

Just as conservative talk radio was lively, interesting, and vibrant during the Clintonian years, political art seems to have had a bit of renaissance during 8 years of BDS. But one fallout of electing a Democrat to the White House could be a lack of provocative street art, such as the UK's Banksy, being plastered all over telephone poles in the forms of stickers. Reason explains:
But with President Bush mercifully retiring to Crawford, Texas, our hyperpolitical artists can return to the business of making generically bad art, shorn of references to a looming fascist takeover. Though don't discount the possibility that Bush's art world tormenters, confused by the peaceful transition of power to Obama, will now engage in the kind of hero worship that Shepard Fairey once so skillfully mocked.
While the outrage meter might be turned down from eleven if Obama gets elected, we can all take solace in the fact that kitsch Obama art will become an easy source for mockery. It's already starting to show up across the country. A pic from Wonkette of Obama teh Jesus should highlight this fact:

Awesome! I'm waiting for the velvet version of Obama at the Last Supper to be sold on the side of the freeway on-ramp. Or maybe a dashboard Obama Jesus would be more suitable. And yes, Wek, this is another sign from Florida, and so was the guy who got tasered while walking the dog naked. What's wrong with your state?