14 September 2008

Appealing to Low Information Voters

Put up a hate-filled and misspelled sign on your lawn. This will appeal to those in the great anti-"MUSLIN" conspiracy.

Appeal to sex-starved males looking to knock boots with either a gun-toting librarian or Alaskan version of Peggy Hill.

Court the thritysomething figurine-colletectin' poindexters who can't accept the fact that they had to grow up and shelve the Boba Fett gear.

Run a campaign ad superimposing the year 1982 with a disco ball to make McCain look like an out-of-touch Disco Stu on the campaign trail (even though McCain might not be able to use a keyboard because he was tortured).

This is an affront to American culture, as the horrible era of disco had long since crashed and burned in an inferno of cheap polyester by the early 80s. It would have been better to superimpose 1982 with a shot of Vince Neil's crotch on the sunset strip or something. Obama's cultural misrepresentations are offensive at best. This Obama ad sucks.