28 September 2008

Nasty Neil Just Won't Get Off the Comments Thread

Even though this post is 10 days old and long gone on the event horizon, Neil C. Reinhardt, "military atheism activiest" just won't let this comment thread go. Some highlights:

  • Neil threatens the lovely Cathcatz: "And if you, or anyone else ever calls me a liar to my face, you/their ass will be on the ground very quickly!"
  • Neil proselytizes: "Look, Oh Very Clueless and Illogical One, I MAY watch Fox news, a whole once or twice a week. IF and when I do, I do not accept what ANYONE says without doing some checking from one, or more other sources, to verify the truth of what is said."
  • Neil gets angry at Jonn's communication abilities: "Joon (sic) says he is some kind of activist and how poor my communication skills and yet he does not tell us in what field his supposed activism is in. Now THAT, is really POOR communication skills. Last, 'Jonn Lilyea' I care less how you conduct yourself...And JONN, you Clueless ass, WE ARE ON THE SAME SIDE FOR McCAIN!"
  • Neil has banged a lot of chicks and we could only be so lucky: "While I could list many of the names, locations & approximate dates of the over ninety ladies, it would be inappropriate of me to do so. When you consider: A. I am nearly 74 & have been chasing women since I was sixteen. Ninety plus women in 48 years is not that many. (Still not bad for an ugly "dude") B. Some of the most successful years were during the "Free Love" and PRE aids, herpes era of the 60's and 70's. Since YOU accuse me of believing lies, tell me child, which one of the thousands of gods do you believe in?"
Of course nothing can compare to the viking shenanigans of De Wald, but this is still pretty entertaining. Long live the internet!