02 September 2008

Up Yours Mother Nature

From the ancient Greeks worshiping the earthen goddess Gaia, to Seattle's Bumbershoot festival undergoing an aggressive carbon offsetting campaign, mankind has always paid proper respect to Mother Earth. But like Anrea Yates drowning her 5 kids in the bathtub, a vengeful mother nature threatens to lay waste to the peaceful Gulf Coast with the horrendous Hurricane Gustav.

The purpose of science and engineering has not just provided answers to difficult questions, but has sought to improve the lot of humanity by fighting off disease, properly utilizing resources to improve the survivability of mankind, and minimizing the inevitable disasters that nature throws our way. A summary of some of the worst American natural disasters:

  • 1900 - Cat-4 hurricane in Galveston kills thousands
  • 1906 - Massive San Fransisco earthquake causes wide-scale fires and destruction
  • 1946 - Tsunami on the Big Island in Hawaii kills 156
  • 1980 - Mt. St Helens volcanic eruption blows out the side of the mountain and kills 56 people and leaves WA and Oregon covered in volcanic ash
  • 2005 - Hurricane Katrina devastates New Orleans leaving over 1000 dead
Luckily, mankind has the courage to stand up to the latest egregious threat to wipe out the human race. Residents have been preemptively evacuated and the National Guard has been called in to help. So far no levees have been breached:

Hoooolllldddd it!

National Guard in Action

Only time will tell if human tragedy is averted...