26 September 2008

The Vox Populi? "You Betcha!"

First there were the Sarah Palin action figures, then the new Pakistani president dropped the skeeze and called Palin a babe (too bad his troops aren't showing the same admiration for the ISAF), and now there's this creepy crop formation in Ohio. From KTVB:

You need to be airborne to fully appreciate a corny caricature of Sarah Palin near Toledo, Ohio. A 16-acre cornfield has been carved up in the likeness of the Republican vice presidential candidate to form a tourist attraction's fall corn maze.

This monstrosity would only be worthwhile if the town was run by kids who killed all the adults to worship a demonic caricature ala Children of The Corn. Watch it Palintards, like Obama's fervent water carriers, you're going on notice!

The Palin Corn Maze, is it full of weird Satanic shit?