06 October 2008

American Carol Running A Bit Lukewarm

Not Quite This Funny

Team America it ain't. I really wanted to get a raging starburst over a movie that mocked the American left, but I expected a little bit more for 8 bones from the guy who did one of the funniest movies of all time. Sure, there was some cool scenes with ACLU zombies running wild and aging hippie douches brainwashing the youth of today in the classroom. But, overall, it fell a little short in the chuckle department, even though it has a decent message. With many liberals sipping their guilt-alleviating organic coffee, driving around in Volvos with lame anti-Bush bumper stickers softly playing crappy folk music, and worshipping their annoying little dogs, you'd think the comedy would write itself. It was a decent movie, and I recommend checking out American Carol, but if you're expecting a conservative cult phenomenon on the scale of Red Dawn like the blogs promised, keep lookin'.