06 October 2008

McCain Campaign Goes All In On Ayers Connection

Could Linking Obama to This Dickhead Save Christmas for the Republicans?

With the McCain camp pulling out prematurely from Michigan like the high-school quarterback on prom night, and a massive drop in the polls in the battleground state of Minnesota, they've decided to throw a hail mary on the Obama-Ayers connection (Gateway Pundit has a good explaination of this). Palin recently stated that Obama was "palling around with terrorists", which seemed a little harsh coming from the Veep, as such attacks are usually best left to bloggers seeking to stir up the shit behind the scenes of these glitzy and phony campaign stops.

For a little background, Ayers is one of the Weatherman Underground terrorists (and he's also a CHUD for trying to blow up an NCO club), who probably should have been kicked out of the country a long time ago. He hung out with Obama in Chicago during those crazy days in the 90s, but the connection seems a little tenuous now (c'mon, it's not like Ayers is on his campaign staff or anything). But, when you're tanking in the polls, sometimes you've gotta try a new strategy, and that strategy is playing on people's fears that Obama is a flag-roastin' hippy that wants to turn America into Zimbabwe (maybe those bozos at the New Yorker were onto something when they ran that controversial magazine cover of Barack and Michelle in costume).

If the mainstream, suit n' tie Republicans are going to try to pull this one off, it'd be nice if some bigwig Dems took a hard line on Palin's creepy church that wants to bring about the end times by escalating a war between Iran and Israel. I'm against the rapture this week, mostly because I have two Red Baron's frozen pizzas left in the freezer that have yet to be consumed, and those things are pretty damn good. Of course the Dems probably won't lay into her, because they're winning and don't need to resort to such tactics. I'm not going to be real ecstatic about the Dems taking charge, but I don't see how it can be much worse than the Bush presidency. If Republicans wanted to do something productive, they'd figure out how to implement new foreign policy measures to win in Afghanistan and reform their disastrous fiscal policies that have run us so badly into debt. Maybe I'd even vote for them some day.