14 October 2008

Barack's NYC

A beat-up car on Wall Street, Could it Be an Omen of Our Collapse?

I have the opinion of NYC that most Americans do, it's the most interesting and important cities in America, but I could never live there. It's a blast to stumble around drunk through the cultural mecca of our nation, while a million people doing a million different things trudge past you. But, the celebrated surliness of New Yorkers that I first encountered back in the late 90s, when a carload of gentlemen flicked me off for bumbling with a map at a traffic light in the Village, seems to have given way to Obamamania. There is Obama shit everywhere: people wearing shirts, people talking excitedly about the campaign, people saying how disgusted they are with Palin, etc. The only guy with a non-Obama themed political message was the crazy man in the subway who announced that the stock market crash was because "man was an animal that had lost his way" and the lost assets were now the "property of Satan...in hell". I suppose it's an interesting piece of history to be living with so much hype and participation in a general election, but I always thought New York was supposed to be more intelligent and cynical than the rest of us rubes. How can we trust anyone in Washington when the last decent president we've had was Lincoln (okay, maybe Eisenhower was not terrible)? This is frightening, as a lack of criticism and overwatch from the general population of the Executive Branch could have heinous consequences. I'm not going to cry and pout about a rigged election if Obama wins, and I hope that actually is indeed a decent president, but he has made a lot of promises to a lot of people that I just can't see coming to fruition. A man passing by in the Bowery told me to "Vote Obama Ferchrissakes". You can't pay for that kind of product placement.