10 October 2008

Gone Drinkin' and Some Other Miscellaneous Items

My apologies, bloggin' will be a bit light the next several days as I embarrass the Navy in NYC at a wedding, followed by heading down south for work-related stuff. Once I get situated in the swank barracks, I'll be back to cover more of the inevitable collapse of civilization. In the meantime, here's some links to gorge yourselves on:

Angry Old Guy: Some old dude, who looks suspiciously pregnant, is "really mad" about how much our country is suckin' at a McCain rally. I whole-heartedly agree, as sometimes life can be like the screenplay from Falling Down and you just gotta start shooting up the place.

Vets Duke it Out:
TSO and Jonn at This Ain't Hell continue to deal with blogfamedom after being linked by the heavies at Little Green Footballs and Hot Air. While they are interviewing shirtless with Rolling Stone and doing Coke off some young babe's ass due to their increased traffic, remember to read the source of the controversy which has to do with the IAVA report card being suspiciously Pro-Dem. I'm staying out of this battle as I hate picking sides in vet-on-vet punditry, but I encourage everyone to hear both sides of the story before they rush to any conclusions.

Anti-Gay Site Has Incredibly Gay Totebags for Sale: Reason discusses the heated feud regarding various propositions around the country which will ban gay marriage. The website dedicated to passing Prop. 8 in CA (Protect Marriage) has some extremely ironic and flaming yellow manpacks for sale if you are interested in the cause. I don't care what private citizens do in their spare time or who they want to marry, that's none of my damn business. And I find it odd that anti-gay groups (the endorsers of Protect Marriage are of the Jesus variety) have guys like this leading things like "Gospel Aerobics" (h/t SubRookie).

WA Politics: And you thought the Presidential campaigns were getting ugly. Check out this ad that has been continuously running during the commercials while I spend the evening watching Gossip Girls with a bucket of Ben N' Jerrys. It pretty much says if you vote for the incumbent governor, creepy sex offenders are going to come to your house and sell your children's kidneys on eBay.

Civilization Fails: Uh..Civilization Fails, but at least we had a pretty good run.

NSA Spies on My Buddies in the Green Zone: So I never had a cell phone in Iraq, and it's probably a good thing, because apparently the NSA, America's uber-spook organization, was listening in on cell phone calls coming out the Green Zone. Besides hearing schnooze-inducing conversations about how hot it is in Baghdad and what the kids learned at school for the day, they also were passing around transcripts from steamy phone calls. I'm not sure what this has to do with counter-terrorism, but fortunately your tax dollars are being used wisely. Below is a picture of my buddy, now in Anbar, (who spent some time with me in the Green Zone last year) stacking up against a nefarious cow. The NSA probably should've monitored more of his phone calls. Gotta love the Marines.

Dumb and Delicious Livestock, better than an MRE, and won't give you the shits like KBR food