29 October 2008

First They Came for the Plumbers

That arrogant Joe the Plumber guy, who does he think he is?!? Asking The Obama an unscripted question in his boorish, midwestern attire. Luckily, local commissar Helen Jones-Kelly was able to put him in his place by investigating his child support records. From the Columbus Dispatch (h/t Gateway Pundit):

Helen Jones-Kelly, director of the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services, confirmed today that she OK'd the check on Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher following the Oct. 15 presidential debate.

She said there were no political reasons for the check on the sudden presidential campaign fixture though the Support Enforcement Tracking System.

Amid questions from the media and others about "Joe the Plumber," Jones-Kelley said she approved a check to determine if he was current on any ordered child-support payments.
Fellow proles, there is no need to fear a demagogue-like president rising to power in a time of economic crisis with a self-righteous majority of supporters who pay no heed to the Rule of Law. No historical precedents whatsoever!