29 October 2008

So, Which "The Heights" Character is Most Like You?

Back during the early 90s, the country was feeling a tad guilty about the drug-addled 70s and the greed is good 80s, so political correctness reigned mainstream culture. From Captain Planet and the Planeteers to Van Halen's Right Now video, if you weren't in a multi-ethnic cause to save the rainforests from AIDS, you were something akin to Hitler. Believe it or not, Fox tried to cash in on this by trotting out a show about urban/socially-conscious hipsters struggling to make it as musicians. The show was called The Heights and it lasted a lengthy 3 months on the air in 1992. A big thanks to Ms. Kiyum for passing along the video to describe her banged hairstyle 15 years ago. For me personally, I think I aspired to be the Fabio-like lead guitarist, but was probably more closer to the drummer in the vest. Which character were you?

I have no idea how this show got canceled!