30 October 2008

The Oboner Media

The Media and a Pimply Faced Teenager Have a Lot in Common

Lining up to run the Obama Cult of Personality half-hour is one thing, but the media is already creaming its pants over what kind of reporting they are going to have on Nov. 5th when Obama wins the presidency. Slate describes this appalling lust for The Obama in medialand with the article "Countdown to the Obama Rapture":
The windows of this mind-set are provided by Slate's Jacob Weisberg, for whom the Obama election is a national referendum on racism; the New York Times' Nicholas D. Kristof, for whom an Obama presidency is an opportunity to "rebrand" our nation and "find a path to restore America's global influence"; E.J. Dionne, who sees an Obama presidency as representing a chance to "rekindle the sense of possibility and transformation" in American life; and a swooning Andrew Sullivan, who almost a year ago speculated that Obama might be "that bridge to the 21st century that Bill Clinton told us about." For Chris Matthews, of course, the Obama candidacy is a "thrill" going up his leg, one that will arc over his torso and detonate his head in the event of a victory.

The leading Obama cheerleader among the commentariat is Newsweek's Jonathan Alter, whose "erection of the heart" for the candidate has no match.
This must be something akin to the prom for these pubescent media pukes. Getting all dressed up to attend Obama's big dance in Chicago's Grant Park on Election day. Pinning on their laminated press badge, like a corsage, that they shelled out $1,870 for. Hoping to get lucky in the parking lot by hanging out with all the cool kids who volunteered for Obama from the get-go in 2007. Egotistical strokefests like this are usually funny when it happens in Hollyweird with a bunch coked-up celebrities, but Obama is going to be the President of the goddamn country, therefore it is downright scary. A complicit media is an essential part of any dictatorship that seeks to maintain power through a Cult of Personality. The media's love affair with Obama is repulsive for a democracy, and the tendency for the Obama campaign to deny access to few outlets they perceive as hostile is downright creepy.

But take a deep breath, nothing on The Obama website says that we're going to experience a Mao-like purge of the bourgeois class, and the media (like his fanatical supporters) are most likely excited because the economy has sucked so bad and they are erroneously looking to a politician for "change". Of course, people are most likely going to be pissed off when they discover that Obama is a incompetent imbecile like the last bunch of Presidents we've had. So, really the media's Oboner is like whacking it to a Victoria Secret catalog. You can fantasize all day and night about getting some action, but in reality, you're carnal desires are never going to actually happen in a million years.