28 October 2008

Presidential Candidate Gets to Meet THE A.C. Slater

Mario Lopez, most famously the bad-boy/dimpled wrestler from Saved by the Bell, took time from his busy schedule to meet one of his biggest fans. From ABC Political Punch:

The candidate often bemoans the media asking silly and superficial questions. The media isn't focused on the important issues facing the nation, he complains.

On Saturday in Nevada, Obama sat for an exclusive interview with Mario Lopez, the actor who played "A.C. Slater" on "Saved by the Bell," to air on the TV show "EXTRA!"
If I knew you could meet so many awesome celebs that define our cultural history, I would've run for office years ago. I think the article is supposed to be about Obama shutting out the media or something, but I'm just jealous that Obama, that lucky guy, got to meet A.C! Whether or not they broke out the synthesizer to jam out to "Friends Forever" is unknown, but would've been kickass.