28 October 2008

Syria in the Crosshairs

There was some conspiratorial talk earlier today about the cross-border operation in Syria being some kind of "October Surprise" for the Bush Administration. Turns out it was just an offensive against a terrorist facilitator with some very accurate targeting. From Fox News:

A U.S. strike on a network of foreign fighters in Syria killed its main target — an Al Qaeda coordinator who was wanted for sending foreign fighters, weapons and cash into Iraq, a U.S. official told FOX News.

Among the eight people killed in Sunday's attack by Special Operations Forces was Abu Ghadiyain, Al Qaeda's senior coordinator operating in Syria who was closely associated with the leader of Al Qaeda in Iraq.
Terrorism is an international problem and if you can't police your border area, we will. Abu Ghadiya and his ilk are responsible for killing thousands by facilitating movement of suicide bombers from Syria into Iraq, and the Sinjar Records have documented their tactics. Unlike Pakistan, we're not trying to be good friends with Syria, so the outrage expressed by some Americans seems a little overblown, and is most likely intended to poke Bush in the eye one last time before he gets kicked out of office. Cold beers are in order for the team that pulled off this courageous operation, but it would probably be best if SpecOps like these stayed out of the media.