08 October 2008

Revenge of the Nerds; Geeks Pull More Tail Thank Jocks

Lewis and Gilbert Coveted By the Omega Mus and Then Some

Interesting tidbit from ABC:
Lonely men ought to flaunt their copies of New Scientist. Women looking for both one-night stands and long-term relationships go for geniuses over dumb jocks, according to a new study of hundreds of university students.

"Women want the best of both worlds. Not only a physically attractive man, but somebody in the long term who can provide for them," says Mark Prokosch, an evolutionary psychologist at Elon University in North Carolina, who led the study.
Of course if you delve further into the article, it seems as though women really want BOTH intelligence and good physical features for either long-term romances or one-night bonefests. That's asking a lot from the ladies in the standards department, and you feministas have to remember that you're competing with an endless supply of porn available to us boorish males. I say if you land a guy that knows how to put on a pair of pants and has only two illegitimate kids, you've found yourself a winner!