17 October 2008

Tough Girl 101 Needs $$$ For A Good Cause

Tough Girl 101 wants to participate in the Bataan Memorial Marathon in New Mexico, which honors Americans and Filipinos who were coerced into the grisly and brutal death march in 1942 of the same name. My gramps was involved in the liberation of the Philipines, so for me it's a no-brainer to support something like this. Unfortunately, the rigorous physical training would get in the way of my smoking habit, so do the next best thing and give her money via Paypal to do it for the rest of us lazy bums. Tough Girl is a broke college student, so if she was like me she eats Ramen noodles and Budget Gourmet everyday and doesn't have insurance on her car that leaks oil all the damn time. Help her out with some funding before the feds seize your money for something stupid.