17 October 2008

HuffPo Moran Calls Joe the Plumber a Parasite

After the media & netroots spent the last 24 hours digging through Joe the Plumber's garbage and connecting him with the Keating Five somehow, Joe continues to get smacked upside the head with a monkey wrench for daring to ask The Obama an unscripted question. This is the latest smear job against a guy who works for a living over on the Huffington Post (h/t Libertarian Republican):

No, Joe, you're not a typical American. You're a leech who wants to beat the rest of the hard-working Americans who worked hard to build a country where you can make a good living. You're a parasite who's bought the message of the Newt Gingrich-Ronald Reagan right wingers who have worked hard to destroy the US government one regulation, one agency at a time.
Ouch! Mr. Kall's commentary against working stiffs might be a bit overbearing, because why would a voter dare question how his tax dollars were being spent by the federal government? With the Ponzi scheme of Social Security, Medicare/Medicaid which loses billions of dollars a year in corruption, and other essential Federal Government functions like researching how BeeGees music helps with CPR, it's hard to see why Joe might be disillusioned.

Of course, Mr. Kall stands to gain big from people schlepping over their tax dollars in tough economic times. His business, Futurehealth, sells EEG machines in the $2,000 - $3,000 range. While average Joes might think that's a bit expensive and be hesitant to purchase such an item for home use, huge federal subsidies would help Mr. Kall rake in the profits. This is just like the Scooter Store, which advertises that its designer geezer-mobiles can be billed to the federal government from the Medicare program. Of course, we're all "unpatriotic" because we have these concerns about our federal budget which is running a massive deficit, but at least we're not morans.