18 November 2008

Americans Think We're Not Killin' Enough

I don't have any particular sympathy for convicted murderers, but I'm opposed to the death penalty on principle, since the state should only have the right to kill people in self-defense and armed conflict (IMHO). But looking at the latest Gallup poll on the subject, it seems as though I'm in a political minority shrinking faster than the rEVOLution. The public discourse over the matter is probably not going to budge, as The Obama has also blessed off the death penalty, even saying that it should be applied to child rapists.

The Gallup poll states 23% say the death penalty is imposed at about the right amount, 21% say too much death penalty, and 48% say it's not applied enough! Pretty surprising seeing how other great societies like Iran, Saudi Arabia, China, and that creepy bunch of kids from Children of the Corn all support capital punishment.