18 November 2008

Creepy Pastor from Calvary Temple Sure Knows How To Rake in the Dough

Because God Wanted You to Spend Thousands of Your Disciples Money on a Mid-Life Crisis

As a disclaimer, I'm not religious, but I don't have anything against how people choose to worship and I understand our society is sort of based on Christian-Judeo ethics. However, I have everything against psychotic whackjobs and people who exploit the misery of others to fund their crooked little schemes. Hilzoy directs our attention to Pastor Star R. Scott who runs a Pentecostal church out in Virginia. The dude preaches a strict interpretation of the bible, which is probably where he came up with the idea for his out-of-print book "Adam's Rib". The description:
Contrary to what many psychologists and leaders of the current men's movement say, there is no place for role reversal in marriage. In this book, Pastor Scott gives straightforward counsel on what the Bible says about the roles of the husband and the wife. God ordained the husband to be the head. The woman was created for the man. The husband is to love, cherish, and honor his wife. The wife is to undergird, support and give balance to the man.
Not sure what planet this guy is living on, but saying "thou art my undergirdle" to any woman in this modern age would more than likely get you smacked upside the head. The Washington Post exposes more of his spiteful teachings, which he claims all derives from the Bible, and even talks about how he spends some of the 15-20% tithing members of the church are required to chip in:
County building department records show what many former members describe: a 2,400-square-foot garage on church property where he stored the vehicles. Until last year, when he quit going on the road, Scott carted the vehicles to shows and races across the country in a huge trailer attached to a motor home with granite floors and plasma TVs, said Star Scott Jr., who added that he traveled for years with his father to car events. The son said that his father would be on the road for weeks and that Calvary would pick up the tab, which sometimes included snowmobiling, casino gambling or attending concerts.

He said his father lives off church-paid credit cards, and 2005 card statements he provided to The Post, addressed to Calvary Temple and sent to Pastor Scott's house, show personal spending of $10,000 to $13,000 a month. Items include $2,377 to a company that makes wheels for Harley Davidson motorcycles, $1,450 to a sports memorabilia firm and $544 to a winter sports rental center in Lake Tahoe.
The NASCAR evangelical outreach program or whatever this thing is can be found at the website Finish the Race. The site features multiple pics of Star R. Scott speeding around a race track and it's unclear where the evangelicals are supposed to flock to lest they be run over at 180 mph. Jesus might have built some hot rods (cf. Ministry), but he certainly didn't drive around in one like an asshole. This pastor is a low-grade hustler seeking to fund his lifestyle by saying he's a "man of God". Don't buy into it, even if he claims you're going to hell.