19 November 2008

Doctor and Nurse Shortage to Get Worse

More swell news about the collapse of our society from Fox (by way of Nutty News):

And 60 percent of 12,000 general practice physicians found they would not recommend medicine as a career.

"The whole thing has spun out of control. I plan to retire early even though I still love seeing patients. The process has just become too burdensome," the Physicians' Foundation, which conducted the survey, quoted one of the doctors as saying.

The survey adds to building evidence that not enough internal medicine or family practice doctors are trained or practicing in the United States, although there are plenty of specialist physicians.
In a similar fashion, there's also not enough nurses. With an entire industry of parasitic lawyers suing medical professionals, a President-Elect that thinks people have a right to free health care, and low-lifes using ambulances as a taxi service because bus-fare was too expensive, I can't imagine why the medical community would be having second thoughts about their careers.