19 November 2008

Wacko Netroots Praise Hijacking of Saudi Supertanker

Fortunately, their blogging might be hampered by that straitjacket

With the entire developed world being dependent on trans-oceanic commerce, and the long-standing right of passage for ships in international waters, you'd think it'd be a no-brainer on whether or not you support the Somali pirates. Even the Daily Kos called for putting a boot up their ass in response to the most recent hijacking of a Saudi supertanker. But, alas, it appears some bloggers are so hell-bent in protesting every perceived injustice in the modern world, that they actually support these marauders. Ahmadinejad-apologist Juan Cole's post is simply a picture of poverty in Somalia contrasted to wealth in Riyadh. Presumably, this is to offer justification of why high seas thuggery should be tolerated. Charles Mudede of The Stranger takes it one step further:
Does this boldness have anything to do with Obama? Are Africans now feeling that the whole world is possible? Certainly the scale of this theft has defeated my imagination.
Whatever few marbles are rolling around in Mudede's moral compass might get shaken up a bit if these pirates run the supertanker up onto shoal water, causing an environmental disaster worse than the Exxon-Valdez. These are the same people who wear around mass-murderer Che shirts and praise Moqtada al-Sadr for fighting our troops, so it's really no surprise.

Greg Gutfeld blames this muddled thinking on Johhny Depp, who never should've left 21 Jump Street.