13 November 2008

Fixin' Up the Republican Party 101

Uh..."Clean Up" of the GOP Might Take Awhile

I haven't taken the political compass quiz in awhile, but last time I did it, I was way in the libertarian-right quadrant. So, in full disclosure, seeing a viable Republican party does pique my interest and give me "starbursts" in my pants. However, the last 8 years have seen a failure in neo-conservative policies that democracy could just take hold instantaneously, and a failure in "compassionate conservatism" as a front for economic intervention, which has not gone well during Bush's last death rattle. People that outrank me think that one of the next great hopes is Bobby Jindal (Govn'uh of Louisiana), and Hot Air has a clip of what he thinks needs to be done. Allahpundit even suggests sacrificing Mitt Romney in the 2012 election to the incumbent Obama, which is pretty hilarious in its pessimism. But, whatever, I'm no political operative, and I think bloggers get too carried away with coming up with these strategies like they are Washington insiders. When they come up with a decent agenda, maybe I'll consider voting GOP. Does anyone have any ideas for the Rethuglicans? I bet Subrookie does.

So here's something within my capabilities as a blogger. Did anyone see the self-deprecating McCain appearance on Leno? He seemed a bit down and like he was hoping that better GOP people would come after him. It almost reminded me of Harry Dean Stanton in Red Dawn yelling "Boys, Avenge Me":