13 November 2008

Somali Pirates to Get Blasted with 140db of Angus

The Telegraph reports that the U.S. Navy is seeking non-lethal methods to fight piracy involving AC/DC:

A second system, the Long Range Acoustic Device targets a suspect with a 500 yard beam of excruciating noise. Sailors can attach the device to an Ipod or MP3 player to repel pirate boats with renditons such as Hells Bells by the heavy metal group AC:DC.
International navies are having some recent successes against the pirates, but pumping out AC/DC might not have the desired effect. Have you ever heard Angus' intro to Thunderstruck, it's pretty bad ass! The ATF tried using Jingle Bell Rock to flush out the Branch Davidians, and even that didn't work. Allow me to suggest piping the tune "Jesus is My Friend" from our Naval forces. No person could survive 30 seconds of this (h/t Sisu):